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Need help with your grip? Sweaty hands can be a big set back in your pole dance training, and yet about a third of our Chester students have this problem! Learn the tricks of the trade, and read up about the various grip aid products to find the best solution for you.

Tips for Slips

Why am I sliding off the pole?

You think it’s the pole that’s not ‘grippy’ enough all of a sudden?  Think again.  There’s a whole bunch of reasons this could be happening as it happens….


The Pole

A little known fact is that the lovely and very thorough folk at X-Pole coat all their NEW X-Poles in a factory slathering of magical goo – to protect your precious pole whilst in processing and transit.

So if you shiny new pole at home feels slippery and different to the poles in class – worry not!

It’s simply a matter of wearing it off so – GERRUP YER POLE!

The usual culprit however is: Mingin pole syndrome. Continue reading “Tips for Slips”

Get A Griiiiip!

Extra Grip for slippery pole dancers!

In most cases, if you get slippery, sweaty hands when you pole, it’s something that gets better with time, especially when you have mastered the moves that at first made you panic and sweat.

That said, if you’re trying to learn a tricky move or you need to be on top form for a performance in a hot room, just wiping your hands down and keeping the pole clean might not be enough.

We have covered tips on how to prevent slips on the pole (you can see them HERE), but sometimes, you just need to CHEAT!  And reach for a grip aid!  But which is best?  Different ones do different jobs, and all are useful in different ways so it’s best to try and sample each if you can to find out what works best for you. Below is a quick guide of products you can try and how they work. Continue reading “Get A Griiiiip!”

Pole Products: Antiperspirants

For super sweaty hands & hyperhydrosis, we recommend first washing your hands and drying them thoroughly (sounds a bit obvious but easy to forget!), then maybe trying one of these products … Continue reading “Pole Products: Antiperspirants”

Pole Products: Grip Chalks

Chalk is used by climbers to help them stick to rock faces, but it’s also great for helping you stick to your pole. Climbing shops sell chalk in blocks, as balls and as a liquid.

Liquid chalk is the best for pole dancing as you won’t have any problems with dust. Just rub a little on your hands (or thighs) and allow it to dry before jumping back on your pole! Be careful not to use too much liquid chalk, or you’ll end up with unsightly white patches on your skin.  You can just buy any brand off ebay, but the ones we recommend are specifically designed for pole dance.  Continue reading “Pole Products: Grip Chalks”

Pole Products: More Grip Aids

Sports grip aids are traditionally designed for tennis players and golf players to help them grip the handles of their equipment of course – but there are some products in this market that have been an absolute godsend for pole dancers!

Of all the available brands, these have been tested the most by pole dancers and have been rated highly all round.

There are now of course some pole sport specific products available too, most of which using either beeswax or sugars as the main ‘magic’ ingredient, they are often found to be organic, all natural, great smelling, no residue products designed for pole dance. Continue reading “Pole Products: More Grip Aids”