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Things you wish you knew when you were the total pole newbie …

Why Pole Dance?

Why Pole Dance?

Good question. And one with lots of great answers. Here at Candy and Chrome we put the emphasis on fun. We aren’t here to train the next pole dancing world champion. We want to inspire women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels to have and go, have fun, make friends and improve their fitness at the same time. But being as you asked, here are some of the benefits of pole dancing. Continue reading “Why Pole Dance?”

I Am New – What Do I Do?

We get it.   You’re new, and you haven’t got a clue.

You don’t know what to wear, what to bring, where to park, how to act, or what to say – and that’s O.K.

The good new is:  All you’ve really got to do is turn up and get stuck in.  Honestly that’s it.  But just in case you have those ‘New Girl Niggles’ – here’s a very brief little list of the top things we get asked about by total newbs all the time, and our responses. Continue reading “I Am New – What Do I Do?”

What’s in your Pole Gym Kit?

Seriously… What’s in there?

Once you get past Beginner level in pole dance, and things are starting to become a bit more serious, it’s well worth picking yourself up a ‘Pole Gym Bag’, to be kept in the car at all times, ready for pole class!

‘It is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at dinner time’.

– Bob the Drag Queen

Leggings are out and cute little outfits are in, the smaller the better!  By now, hopefully you’ll be using your health journal and carrying it everywhere with you, and then there’s the pole grip you bought the other week to cart around too, plus your phone for the all important pole selfies, water infuser, hand towel, stripper heels etc…

If your going to make a commitment then it’s time to kit you out like you mean business!

So… Here’s what’s in our Pole Gym Kit – What’s in yours?


Continue reading “What’s in your Pole Gym Kit?”

Who Is Number Two?

At Candy & Chrome, we have a brilliant team delivering your pole classes each week.
There is somewhat of a hierarchy, but to be honest – absolutely everyone on the team is equally important and without which, we would not be able to be as awesome as we are.

For this article though, I want to explain a bit about the role of our very special people who are chosen to be ‘Number Two’.

Business Owner

You’ve got your school owner.  That’s me.
I run the show.
I spend a lot of time fannying about with the website, doing paperwork, writing blogs, answering your emails, updating social media, advertising, promoting, organising, writing lesson plans, and handling the day to day running of the business.
I do also teach and I’ve got over a decade of experience doing this,  but to avoid things getting old and stale, I now rely on the skills of a bunch of bloody brilliant instructors.


So next we have our fabulous instructors.

They are the rock stars teaching your class, pulling amazing stunts, being friendly, motivating you and introducing you to all things pole.

They are fully insured, qualified, first aid certified, experienced and have served time as an unpaid number two for generally a couple of years.  Although highly passionate,  they get paid to do the job and they are the beautiful face of our company.

They are the ‘Number One’s’ of the room,  when I am not around, they are in charge – they are the Boss!  And believe me, they have worked bloody hard to get there.

But who is Number Two?

Number Two’s are very special people.

If you want a name for it, they are assistant instructors.  But they are more than that.

If you are lucky enough to have a Number Two in the room working with you,  then you should know that these people are unpaid,  they are there because they absolutely bloody love pole, and have a deep desire to help you progress.

Number Two’s help the instructor’s set up, warm up the group, work the room, they provide extra energy, support, they spot you and keep you safe, they help you train and repeat any coaching given if you are struggling.

They work hard, and offer their time for free because they are super passionate, and are there to learn how to instruct as well as working towards training themselves, whilst helping you.

They are heroins, passionate and dedicated.  And we don’t take just anybody.

Some of our number two’s over the years have gone on to teach classes further afield, or start their own businesses elsewhere, some have become quite famous within the industry, and some have stayed right here with us – and they are now the rockstar instructors running the classes.

Number Two’s are basically the future of pole, and are special because they have been chosen to have us invest in them.

Got what it takes to be a Number Two?  We are always on the lookout so make yourself known!

Your Health Journal

Ladies – Your body is AMAZING! It really is! Wobbly bits n all.
It’s a clever machine that can store muscle memory, nutrients, information, memories and all kinds of wonderful things.

But one thing the body does not store is – MOTIVATION! So it’s no surprise that those new year resolutions go a bit wayward after just a few short weeks.
Most people struggle with motivation, and that’s normal – especially when it comes to pole.   And we all hit plateau every once in a while as well (but I’ll save that chat for another time).

At Candy & Chrome we do have one weapon to help combat this and help keep you motivated, which is – Your Health Journal. Continue reading “Your Health Journal”


‘How to’ – Be late for pole class & our policies on it all.

I came across this article the other day, which – via hilarious stick men drawings, explains the inner workings of what goes on inside the brain of a person who is chronically late (hands up me).

It got me thinking about lateness in general, how it affects pole, and our three basic rules about being all tardy. Continue reading “LATENESS …”

HOW TO: Treat a Pole Bruise

Bruises, Pole Kisses – come hand in hand with pole, most especially when your a total newbie.  I firmly believe that if you ain’t bruising, you ain’t doing it right!

And if you do get some good ones, then we should wear them like a badge of honor as they represent achievement.

But that’s not for everybody and some people just bruise like a peach, ending up looking a bit battered and unsightly.

Continue reading “HOW TO: Treat a Pole Bruise”

Choosing a Pole School

If you are wondering about joining pole dance classes and are faced with different options from different schools, CHOOSE YOUR POLE SCHOOL CAREFULLY.

As with most things, prices vary – but this is not to say one school is better than another, what is MORE important are things like value for your money, and how comfortable you feel. Here are a few hints to help you dodge the cowboys, and find a class that will suit you. Continue reading “Choosing a Pole School”

About Pole DVD’s – Read before you buy!

My First Rookie Pole Error…

With so many quality DVD’s on the market I get a lot of students asking me which one they should buy.

I remember the first DVD I bought……
I had had about 2 lessons, bought a pole, set it up in the lounge and bought a DVD.  I was ready to GO!
So I put it on….. Pantera’s Pole Tricks 101!!

If you have seen it already or know anything about it, you’re probably rolling on the floor laughing at me right now.

Continue reading “About Pole DVD’s – Read before you buy!”