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Pole Passport (AAP) – Everything you need to know

What is it?

pole dancing lessons chesterGood question!  Ok first of all I will tell you what all these letters stand for:

 PDC – Pole Dance Community

 AAP – Advancement Accreditation Programme

Basically, it’s a little ‘Pole Passport’ which students,  instructors and general pole enthusiasts can buy and acts as proof of your skill level.


Think of it like this:  In Karate, you get different coloured belts.  In gymnastics you get  awarded different grades.  Hell – even your local pub’s footy team get awarded trophies each season they play!

The PDC AAP programme is nationally recognised, which means that you can take your passport to any other PDC registered school to continue your learning, or any master class, pole jam or other events!  This is your POLE RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT! Continue reading “Pole Passport (AAP) – Everything you need to know”

Felix Cane…

Bio of a World Champion Pole Dancer

Before discovering her passion for pole dancing, Felix was schooled extensively as a dancer firstly in Perth, from the age of 11 until the age of 15, when she moved to London where she continued to study many forms of dance, but predominantly contemporary and classical.

Felix has experience performing with professional contemporary and classical dance companies, working in many different venues including theatres in and around London.  Whilst in London she also worked in television and film.

In January 2006, Felix started pole dancing lessons in Perth, WA.  In September of that year she won the WA heat of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006, later that year, she then went on to compete in the National Championships competition in Sydney.

[quote float=”left”]After pole dancing for only 8 months, Felix Cane won the title of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006.[/quote] with this miraculous performance which instantly caught the attention of the pole dance community, all over the world:  Continue reading “Felix Cane…”

Candy & Chrome’s Interview featured on the PDC website!

Alethea Austin Interview

Candy & Chrome’s Interview with Alethea Austin is featured on the Pole Dance Communitie’s website!

Alethea Austin InterviewHi Folks,

Just to let you know that Candy & Chrome’s famous pole dancer interviews are featured yet again on the PDC website, thanks to the lovely people of the Pole Dance Community.

It took 6 months to make this one as Alethea has been so super busy this year!   As you may or may not have noticed, throughout the time it took us to do this, Alethea was going through some intensive training ready for this year’s USPDF show – which she went on to WIN and became America’s newest pole dance champion!

And Candy & Chrome’s long awaited interview is done and finally ready for you viewing pleasure, you can see it HERE on the PDC site.

Alethea Austin…

Alethea’s Bio… Told like it is…

Red Rider BB-guns, Hula hoops, Kentucky girls, storing things in the trunk of my car 4-ever, truck stops, slushee machines, whiskey, rebel daughters, deer, bubble baths, bud light, steak, beer coozies, swimming in the quarry, fishin, grilled cheese w/ bacon, Indiana, Chevy’s, potpourri, takin’ pictures, Jolene, motels, huntin’ hats, backyards, woodpiles,[quote float=”left”] trashy heels, white leather, tallboys, stripper bikinis, a hardworking man[/quote] luck 11:11, the smell of gasoline, 66 chevelle’s, gold camaros, drag racing, my grandma, doggies, drive-ins, pitchers at local bars, playing house, picking kids names, my white fluffy bed, shootin’ 22s, cold beer on a hot summer night, memorial tattoos, commitment tattoos, country legends, kissing in cars, dirtbags with hearts of gold, being on the road with the one you love, the one second you realize that things are going to be o.k., learning lessons the hard way, forgiveness, missin’ you, a ring on the right finger, knowing love is 4-ever, growing up in a place where salvation and desire are equally as desperate…..

Alethea Austin

Continue reading “Alethea Austin…”

Candy & Chrome Pole Dancing website featured on Polessentials!

Hi All,

This is the Polessentials website, a relatively new site based in America which contains useful pole info from around the globe.  Keep up to date with recent goings on and all things pole dance!

Candy & Chrome are happy to be listed under the ‘Pole Resources’ Section, along with other ‘useful pole dancing websites’! …… See…. I’m useful!

Anyway here’s the link to our bit:

Candy & Chrome pole dancing article featured on ‘Women’s’

Calories burnt whilst pole dancing

Hi Everyone!

Just a little bit of news, I had the pleasure of teaching the lady that runs this website at a recent free open day in Chester.

She very kindly emailed back to me afterards and explained that although it might not be the exercise for her, she had a thoroughly good time in class!  and would like to share her experiences through a website she manages and runs with a friend. now has a pole dance featured article – more great press for the love of pole!  So, if you have some time, please take a wee look at it by clicking HERE.

Women’s thoughts is a website….. well…for women!  Packed with ideas for recipes, household tips, fashion, beauty, leisure, lifestyle, anything you might find of interest really,  so if you are looking for something to do, or help with a new project, or something creative to bake – click on the image below and it will take you to the website!

Calories burnt whilst pole dancing

Becca Butcher…

The Samurai Queen of Pole!

I have just completed a Masterclass with Becca Butcher, this year’s international trixpert – winner of ‘Polarity’.  At this point, all I know about Becca Butcher is what the internet tells me : – that sometime in 2009, she sprung from the ground and entered a high profile pole dance competition alongside some of the current greats.  Becca’s dancing made people gasp with awe, after only pole dancing for a short time this is a rare thing.  I wanted to see more so I started looking around for all things Becca,  THEN I found one of the coolest things ever: Continue reading “Becca Butcher…”

Sally Ann Giles…

In Bed with Sally Ann Giles

I first saw Sally Ann at the Pole Diva’s competition in 2007, I was actually there to support another brilliant pole dancer, whome I was convinced had won the competition, but then SHE seemed to just come out of nowhere and was so brilliant she literally stunned the crowd and claimed the title.  [quote float=”left”]I was curious about this random ‘mystery woman’ and wanted to find out more.  As I completed this interview, ‘mystery woman’ ended up becoming the pole dancer that I most respect in all the world.[/quote]

Sally Ann then went on to win every competition she ever entered so when I had the opportunity to meet her again at LIW 09 I wanted to find out more about where she had come from and how she came to be such an influential and inspiring pole dancer.  THIS was her performance at Pole Diva’s – her first ever (REAL!) competition, and the first time I clapped eyes on Britain’s most celebrated and multi award-winning pole champion: Continue reading “Sally Ann Giles…”