Our Team

Amy – Director & Principal Instructor

Fully Insured, Qualified, First Aid certified, PDC Approved & Regulated, Chester’s only PDC Four Star Status Instructor, Over ten years experience.

Hi, I’m Amy. I am the owner and principal instructor at Candy & Chrome.

I am a POLE DANCE INSTRUCTOR first, foremost  and forever.  And what this basically means is … I LOVE POLE, in all it’s glorious forms, from the sexy, authentic stripper style, to the mainstream modernized sport style, and everything in between – I love it ALL! And I love to share it with YOU.

I am not a performer, I’m not an exercise freak, and I don’t compete, I am an ordinary woman like you.

I don’t hammer the gym every chance I get, I eat junk food as well as clean food, and I worry about my health and figure … Pole dancing as a regular activity means that I can afford to worry about these things a bit less, and appreciate my body a bit more …. exactly as it is!  I’m a geek with a six pack!

I have spent the last ten years developing strong teaching skills, achievable yet effective classes, and making this dynamic and challenging form of exercise FUN.

I have been teaching pole dance in Chester since I started Candy & Chrome in 2007.

I wanted to create an atmosphere where women could come and learn to pole dance without feeling the pressure of having to keep up with the younger girls, or be unattainably athletic.  I have spent my years developing these classes to be fun, free flowing, easy going, and allow you to learn at a natural pace that’s realistic and achievable for all.

HOWEVER A WARNING:  Pole dancing, if taken a little more seriously can make you super strong, super trim, super confident and super sexy!

This has been achieved with great success and my little company has gone from strength to strength, gaining recognition within the pole dance industry on the whole, a great reputation which circulates good word of mouth, and Candy & Chrome was a finalist for TWO Flintshire Business Awards in 2009, and I was a Network She’s Young Business Woman of the Year 2010 Finalist.

But my proudest achievements are not listed here, they are on the Face Book walls of my students, in our blogs, in the classroom and on canvass from our famed photo shoots with the LuLu Dolls (A Chester based themed photgraphic make-over team).

When you choose to learn pole dance with us, I can promise you these things:

– You will be SAFE
– You will be challenged, encouraged and supported
– You will get top class quality instruction from the most experienced team of professionals available
– You will get your money’s worth & more
– You WILL have FUN!

Verity – Instructor – Thursdays

(AKA – Vee Von Brains)

Fully Insured | PDC Approved | First Aid Certified | Experience over 5 years.

Specialist Skills:  Brains. When mine don’t work, she knows. She has the answers. And pole mechanics – she’s awesome at that too!

Verity is my ever-enthused ‘Girl Thursday’ instructor.

On the odd occasions when I am decidedly NOT invincible and super human, Verity is my trusted and experienced all hands on deck!

In all my years teaching, I have never known anyone quite so vibrant and energetic as this girl, and it’s been a pleasure to see her advance from pole student, to assistant instructor, to full instructor – bringing that vibrancy with her.

Verity has energy in spades and will have you jamming around the pole with vigor even on your crappest day!  She will turn the frown upside down, quite literally!

Her personal pole style is an eclectic mix of all things contemporary, balletic, classique, salsa and even pole nerdy!

In her time working along side me, as my fellow geek with six pack – Verity has developed a keen eye for ‘pole mechanics’.  Not just a pretty face, Vee uses her clever sciencey background skills to break down your pole moves to a microscopic, bio mechanical level if required – great for those days when you’re just not getting it!

If not, she’s the Duracell bunny of pole, with no off switch!  I love having her in my team, picking me up and pushing me onwards!

Emma – Instructor Assistant – Thursdays

(AKA – The Mount)

Over Five years experience.

Specialist Skills:  Can throw a rug whilst holding the shoulder mount position, with various, flawless leg switches.

Possibly the only person I’ve every known to get near 40 electric leg switches in one sitting, Emma is our muscle-tastic assistant instructor on a Thursdays.

Emma’s role at Candy & Chrome is to assist Verity and YOU – She shimmies around the room spotting you, encouraging you, demonstrating moves as they are broken down to the finer point of instruction. She supports you through your lessons, as well as imparting some experience of her own!
Bringing strength and flawless grace to the pole, Emma helps you work on control and confidence in your pole moves.

Emma has advanced interpersonal skills and a natural ability to relate to women with varying levels of confidence, so if you re feeling a little shy or under confident – she will be your spotter, your pole buddy and your biggest fan!

She is a hard working poller, who relishes the opportunity to demonstrate how different body types can perform the same moves on the pole with grace, control and style! In the years that she has been under my instruction, I have seen her develop physically, as a confident person, and a proficient pole dancer.

I’m most proud to have her in my team, and whooping my personal bests!

Kirsty – Instructor in Training – Tuesdays

(AKA – Kiki Le Abs)

First Aid Certified | Instructor In Training | PDC Approval underway | Experience over 4 years.

Specialist Skills:  Floats like a Butterfly but strong like bull.   Kirsty is super nice but I wouldn’t want to come across her awesome abs in a dark alley.

Boss B*tch by day and Bad Ass by night,  our Kirsty spends her daytime at the helm of a family run business and pole was initially her chance to escape the office.

But let’s fast forward four years of pole love later and here she is – soon to be my most tenacious instructor!  Kirsty is a Boss in her own right, and a perfectionist, and this is something she applies to her pole game and instructor skill set.

As badass as she is, Kirsty is one of life’s super nice people.  Being naturally empathic, Kirsty is her a very attentive and caring instructor – she won’t ever see you struggle or be stuck on your own.  She’s also made entirely out of muscle and can apply this when she spots you – slight as she may appear, this girl simply WILL NOT BREAK.

Perfectionism is what drives my girl here, so her pole work is forever clean, strong and seamless, making it very easy for students observe and follow her every move.  Kirsty has all the moves and floats effortlessly between them, she’s a fun and knowledgeable instructor but it’s her warmth that makes you feel welcome and comfortable in the class room from the moment you walk in.

What can I say?  She’s my Michelle Obama!

Izzy – Guest Instructor – Fridays

(AKA – Peach)

Fully Insured | X-Pole Certified | PDC Approved | First Aid Certified | Experience over 3 years.

Specialist Skills:  Floorplay, Poleflow & Booty shakin’.

Sex appeal.  Let’s face it, some of us have to learn it, and some of us are just born with it!

Peachy pie is the latter, and our resident sex pot.

That said, her ‘skills’ aren’t all natural – Peach first came to pole about 3 years ago as a newbie student, looking to take up a fun new hobby … just like you.

Since then, she became the most dedicated of students, practicing pole from twice a week, to double that, to daily! She has furthered her learning taking master classes around the country, as well as assistant instructing with me to gain her knowledge and skill set.

I’ve since witnessed her share her interests and pole journey via her now nationally recognized blog – ‘Pole with Peach’.

The girl doesn’t quit there!  Embracing all things authentic stripper style, Peach has worked her booty off further on the competitive floor, gaining her first title of Amateur winner at the Dance Filthy awards.

Building her teaching experience and pole moves repertoire at Candy & Chrome, I am thrilled to have seen her progress and am most excited for the next chapter – as our guest instructor, delivering her own unique classes of the finest, sexiest twerkshops, floor workshops and choreography classes.

I LOVE having Peach on my team, shaking her ass in my face.

Rachel – Burlesque Instructor – Fridays

(AKA – Lola Lashes)

Fully Insured | First Aid Certified | Experience over 7 years.

Specialist Skills:  Fabulous, flirty & fun Burly Q & confidence coach extraordinaire.  Oh and she’s a professional mermaid too.  Seriously.  

Whatever Lola wants…. Lola gets!  And lovely ladies, little Lola wants YOU!

I’ll start with this – She’s Welsh!  So by very heritage this makes for the perfect Burlesque performer – fierce, flirty, fun, feisty and bladdy faaaaaabulous!  THIS is my Lola.

Many moons ago, I ‘borrowed’ Lola to teach a Burlesque hen party request, and basically I have employed her services ever since!  This of course was waaaaay before she became the famous mermaid that hit the National newspapers in 2016.

Burlesque was born as an entertainment variety show, sometimes involving strip tease, and sometimes not.  And our Lola is equally born for it!  As a performer she is wicked funny, cheeky, imaginative, fabulous and creative.  Lola lashes commands your attention, will make you laugh and will entertain.

Rachel the instructor is highly experienced and knowledgeable, she gives you the confidence to get up n give it a go, she will teach you the tricks of the trade, the art of tease, and give you all the tools you need to help you craft your new persona.

Rachel/Lola – A Lady, A Legend.

I haven’t met the Mermaid yet but I hear she’s just as fascinating.

Special Guests …

Leah Dollimore – Photographeress

(AKA – Marilyn Monroe )

Fully Insured | Experience over 15 years.

Specialist Skills:  Turning ordinary people into frikking Rock Stars!

Leah is our resident photographer-ess and general all round visual artist.

As an annual treat for our students, we invite this extraordinarily talented lady into our studio to glamourize and shoot our girls – turning ordinary people into frikking rockstars!

Her work is featured all over this website, in my blogs and social media, and once shot by this lady – it won’t be long before her beautiful images grace the walls of your home, and face book profile!

Leah has about a thousand years experience in her field, and has recently opened her own photographic studio right here on the Chester / North Wales border – at Dollimore Photography.

Since she is local, it is my pleasure to recommend her services as a uniquely gifted photographer, with professional studios and competitive pricing.  If you’re looking to capture your little one’s early years, or a special shoot just for you, then I’d get in touch!

Sonia – Celebrity Guest

Fully Insured | X-Pole Certified | First Aid Certified | Experience over 10 years.

Specialist Skills:  Elite level beast mode activated.

All sparkles and smiles, Sonia is our fellow PDC approved guest instructor, pole elite-ist, friend and recommended professional.

We believe in collaboration, and welcome the opportunity to recommend other local pole schools if ever we cannot cater for your needs.

Sonia is a seasoned professional and her career in pole spans as far back as mine, as we were both learning to pole dance at the same time waaay back in the day!  We have been good friends and pole buddies ever since, and regularly hold meetings together to evaluate how we can improve in every arena every year – so I know Sonia is as dedicated as I am to providing top class, high quality lessons, and shares the same values as I do.

Sonia is a pole dance instructor like myself, but has also actively pursued and established herself amongst the UK’s top pole performers, having being asked personally to compete, judge and perform around the country.

We invite Sonia to Candy & Chrome for occasional pro-level workshop hosting, when we can get her!

Rodney – Celebrity Guest

(AKA – Mr Burlesque)

Fully Insured | Experience over 20 years.

Specialist Skills:  International inspiration, classical dance training, famous the world over.


Did you ever watch the Moulin Rouge movie (the one with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in it) and marvel at the epic performances, sing along to the songs and try to follow the moves?  Did you ever wish you were there?

Well… Rodney frikking WAS!

You don’t have to put on that red dress tonight but Rodney WILL have to put on his 8″ PVC Stiletto Boots and werk you!

Founder of ‘Burlesque Beat’ Rodney James frequents Candy & Chrome every once in a while to deliver an unforgettable Burlesque dance experience!

Taking inspiration from pole, Rodney teaches Burlesque inspired master classes which are adaptable to pole, and he calls it ‘Polesque’.

Below are some videos from when we invited Rodney James aka ‘Mr Burlesque’ all the way from Australia to come to Chester for master instruction.