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Weeks 13-16 – The weeks ‘Peanut’ became REAL

So after quite a miserable start to being newly pregnant, this trimester was the bit I was looking forward to the most….it’s known as ‘The Honeymoon Period’ because you are still you, not too visibly heavy yet, you can still do all the things you normally would without the sickness or aching, and you get to see your baby for the first time with your 12 week scan, or ‘The Dating Scan’.
I was told to drink loads of fluids ready for the scan – this pushes the baby higher up so they can get a good shot. I was expecting to see a chicken nugget shaped object with not much character or detail……. MAN was I pleased with this ……. Buy Valium Europe

Buy Generic Valium 10Mg

Weeks 28-31 – Prepare for Battle!

These weeks felt like a constant battle plan, prepare, prepare, prepare! Now that I knew I had been a bit ambitious to think that I would be able to teach for another 10 weeks (yeah right!), I decided to chop it down to just the 6 weeks. That in mind, I finally had a maternity leave date – or as near as, so I spent most of my life in these weeks applying for various benefits and chasing the applications through. Also, I had to make sure all the current students had a plan for their lesson structure too – make sure I helped them perfect what they were currently working on, and give them a load more stuff to work on whilst I would be away. I spent a lot of time sat on my arse, writing articles for the site for my girls to use whilst I was off. They turned out really nice, you can see them Valium Sales Online Uk. Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets