Candy & Chrome Strappy Top



Candy & Chrome Pole Wear – Strappy Top

Comfortable, cute, and best of all … streeeeeetchyyyy!

These crop tops are priced the way they are because they are MADE for pole, by people who actually pole themselves.

So what that means is, all our pole wear garments are made from high quality materials, using high tech processes to create the product, unique designs, and pole friendly features:

MATERIAL FEATURES: High quality stretch fabric that’s breathable, so that they don’t stick to your skin when you sweat!

HIGH TECH PROCESSING: The design is actually dyed into the fabric, meaning that it will not crack or peel as the garment is stretched.  Nothing is printed ON the garment so there will be no unsightly seams, curling or peeling, crackling or coming off, heat damage or fading.

They are built to last!

UNIQUE DESIGN:  These garments have been designed and created especially for Candy & Chrome, there’s nothing else like it – anywhere!

POLE FRIENDLY FEATURES: Ahhhh the bit that no one else understands …… we’re pole dancers – we want cute little panties and they need to be small for the best skin grip – but still cover ‘everything’ – check.  These pants are generous on the gusset part, which is where other products fail, and so keep your modesty in tact – check.  We LOVE the fact that they are ruched at the back, but we DON’T want camel toe at the front – check!  We don’t want thick straps covering the all important traps, we need cute, thin, shoulder skin exposing strrappys – check.  And our crop tops will stretch to accommodate an ample rack.

Advisory Note:

Make sure you check the size chart and measure yourself correctly.  If you find that you are in-between two sizes (say a small and a medium for example), we recommend that you buy the bigger size.  These items look better when you haven’t had to squash yourself into them!