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Buying Valium Online Legal, Online Valium Reviews


Cost: £40 before week 1, and £40 again before week 4.

Or secure your place by paying in full for 8 weeks at £80.

Pre-Requisites: Beginner + Strength + Improver + Strength  (or similar if you have come from another school).

Congratulations! You’re entering the realm of seriousness and feeling pretty impressed – But you’re not ready to hang upside down off one toe just yet!

This 8 week course is designed to help you gain confidence in being upside down, spending time at mid-pole height, refining your technique and making sure your leg/hip/arm locks are secure, trying a couple of basic combinations, working on the weaker side, dead lifting and making it all look natural!  This is also a great level to return to, if you’ve had a bit of a pole break and were previously at Intermediate standard, and saves you having to shell out un-necessarily.

By the end of this course, your ears will be ringing with the sound of my voice screaming ‘Lift woman! Butt higher! Hold it! Exit nicely!’ – but you will move like a butterfly and have the precision of a pole ninja!

Most students will need to do this course twice before moving on to the Advanced level as the spectrum of moves that are considered ‘Intermediate’ are almost endless!

**Upon completing your payment (booking) you are agreeing with the Terms & Conditions set out Brand Valium Online.**