Drop-in Sessions

Need to hone your skills? Drop in without booking

These classes cost just £5 and are just for existing students only, to use as practise time so you may build on what you have learnt.  This is the only lesson you DON’T need to pay for in advance, just show up and pay on the day!

Drop-In’s are NOT for complete beginner’s as they are NOT classed as a lesson. If you have never pole danced before, you must join a Beginner’s course in order to participate in our drop-in practises.

View our timetable and calendar to find out when our drop-in sessions in Chester are being held.

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If you have come from another school and have SOME experience, then we need to asses your ability first, for a small fee, and then you are welcome to come and play. This is just so we can gain confidence that you have been taught correctly, can practise safely, correct bad habits (if any) and so we can get an understanding of your skills and ability level in order to help advance your training, and offer hints and tips.
The assessment fee is £15 per person. One off payment in advance.

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Special Offer

We are currently running a SPECIAL OFFER:  Pay £20 in one lump and get 5 drop-in’s for the price of 4. Click the button below to pay.

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NEW! Become a member!

By popular demand, we have added a new service this year! Becoming a member!
If you came to all 44 drop-in’s for 6 months (so that’s twice a week, every week) you would have spent £220 if you paid as you go, or £440 if you came to all 88 in a year.
We can now offer you two types of membership for half the price:

6 Months Drop-In membership – £110 [button color=”pink” text=”light” link=”http://candy-chrome.co.uk/classes/pay/”]PAY HERE[/button]

12 Months Drop-In membership – £220 [button color=”pink” text=”light” link=”http://candy-chrome.co.uk/classes/pay/”]PAY HERE[/button]