Pole Dancing Classes Chester

We provide a range of pole dancing classes at our Chester Pole Studio, including courses, taster sessions, drop-in sessions or even one-to-one pole dancing tuition. All our courses are friendly and focused on fun and fitness so we are sure to have a way to learn that suits you.


FREE Taster Sessions

A FREE one-off lesson that would suit anyone who is just curious and not quite ready to commit to a full course.

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8-Week Intensive Courses

We offer a range of three 8-week intensive courses depending on your level, from total beginner to more advanced.

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Private Tuition

One-to-one to Two-to-One private pole-dancing tuition for you on your own or you and a friend with your own instructor.

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Drop-in Sessions

These classes are just for existing students only, to use as practice. Just show up and pay on the day!

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Sexi-Flexi Class

A half hour post work-out stretching class, working on gentle splits training and back flexibility for a comfortable arch.

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Pole Dance Workshops

Hour and a half long workshops which focus in depth on specific aspects of your pole repertoire – be it Routines, Combo’s, Floorwork , Spins & More.

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Pole Fitness Workshops

Hour and a half long workshops which supplement your pole workout with strength training and conditioning exercises that you can do at home.

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Hour and a half long work shops and master classes delivered by both our instructors as well as national and international stars.

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Fancy a party with a difference for you and your friends? Our group sessions make great hen parties.

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