Welcome to Candy & Chrome…

Candy & Chrome Pole Dance classes are completely different from anything else you’ve ever tried, and that’s the reason they are soooo gooood,  and why so many people absolutely love our classes!
When most people go to their regular exercise class, or start their gym routine, they can’t wait to be finished so the pain and discomfort can stop.


Exercising your body shouldn’t feel like punishment!  Instead, it should be fun, enjoyable, and stress-free.
Something that you CAN’T WAIT to start, and DON’T WANT to stop!

And this is what WE are all about!

Established in Chester over a decade ago, Candy & Chrome is the longest running pole dance school in the area. We provide pole dance classes, free taster sessions, Burlesque lessons, as well birthday and hen parties lead by Chester’s only PDC Four Star Status instructor.  We teach group classes to keep it real and reasonable for you, but everyone gets the individual attention they deserve.

You don’t have to be physically fit, young, strong, bikini model-like or otherwise super human to join us!
All we ask is that you come and try it for free, be up for a laugh, learn to trust and love your body as it is, but also get ready to WERK IT!

Our instructors and assistants that you see in the room are there for only TWO reasons:

  1.  They LOVE pole!
  2.  They LOVE to share it with YOU!

We are not here to win competitions or train the next world champion, we are here to get active, make new friends and have a damn good time doing it!
Six months from now, you’ll wish you started TODAY!  So press my sexy pink button down below and book your pole dance class now!

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Why Choose Us?

– Group lessons, Individual attention
– Get fit, make friends, have fun
– Supportive & friendly atmosphere
– Chester’s ONLY PDC Four Star Status instructor
– Experienced, professional & dedicated instructor team
– FREE Tasters
– Private tuition
– Parties – Birthday? Hen?
– Further learning options